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Newbie PRs, Kinda Awesome

Newbie PRs, Kinda Awesome


In the last year and a half I've averaged 3 visits to the box a week, with the odd 4 banger thrown in. Ever since I added CrossFit to the rowing and bootcamp mix, the weeks rapidly turned into 5 bangers. I even found myself coughing up the extra cash for unlimited classes because 15 a month DID NOT CUT IT ANYMORE. Variety of workouts plus increased frequency has resulted in a semi-steady supply of PRs and noticeable skill improvements.

Which is a big deal. We new CrossFitters are often uncoordinated, shaky, overwhelmed, and/or intimidated by all the heavy stuff everyone else is slinging about. I'm still messing around with the 35# bar for some movements so any progress, no matter how small, feels like a dance party. And you just want one. more. song.

At some point you'll hit your max weights and the PRs will dry out for awhile (so I'm told.) Prevailing wisdom is enjoy it now, but don't get used to it, kid.

Here's what those newbie PRs are looking like so far:

Dead Lift: 

May 8 = 105#

May 15 = 115#

May 21 = 3 sets of 15 @ 90% of 1 rep max (95#)

Front Squat: 

May 1 = 75# 2 rep max

May 23 = 95# 1 rep max

Add to that the thrill of no longer being last in the door on the 400m warm up runs and -- biggest surprise -- seeing a positive affect on my rowing. Today we sprinted through 5x500m and 3x300m pieces at race pace. I was fatigued at the end but still able to row the last 1500m piece at my normal steady state. My legs should've been dead, but somehow they weren't. Another 2K maybe?

(Shudder.) Well, maybe not yet.


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Meeting Murph

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