ATHLETISH was founded in 2013 to be a digital home base for women just beginning to see themselves as athletes. Most of us were former (or current) book nerds, artists, writers, designers and digital marketers who, until then, had avoided the gym like the plague and assumed curling beers was enough cardio for any sane person. ATHLETISH was where we could express ourselves creatively while geeking out about this big secret we had just stumbled onto: fitness isn't terrifying, it's FUN. 


With so much discovery going on at times this site probably read more like a travel blog. Everything was so foreign and new—I for one was like a tourist with a selfie stick trying to capture it all: running, CrossFit, rowing on the water and off, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, obstacle races and more. You can still find those posts here on the site, which 5 years later are both cringe-y and adorable.

2013 was also a time when my life was at its rockiest. Writing for ATHLETISH seriously helped me feel excited about one corner of the world, and perhaps a place where I had little bit more control. 

Today ATHLETISH has returned to where it started, from several contributors to just me, Erin Sian. I'm still exploring and documenting—most of what you'll read is the "by me for me" stuff that I know I'll either love or hate to look back on later. You're welcome to love it or hate it too.

I also have absolutely no qualifications, just my own experiences to share. Exploring self, documenting, and practicing to live better every day is what it's all about.

- Erin Sian