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How to Be A (Kind Of) Fit Traveler

How to Be A (Kind Of) Fit Traveler


I am not the world's most fit traveler. Evidence: My writing companion tonight is a mini-fridge-sized can of Pringles. Work and personal travel has me on the move for over a month, and the disruption to routine is driving me bat shit. Hotel gyms all fall somewhere between terrible to non-existent. Food choices are... let's not go there. You can pretend it's a rest week (done that). Or you can find ways to fit in the fitness. That can mean making do with what's around you, or going out of your way to satisfy the itch. My only rule is to not be harsh on myself for missing a day here or there. Any attempt at physical activity counts extra when you're on the road. Here are a few that are getting me by:

Boutique Hotel Room WOD

200 squats for time.

That's it. I did this in my Manhattan hotel room the other week because Boutique = no gym and I didn't have time for much else. Don't let the single movement fool you into thinking this is a lightweight workout, though. Just ask your quads when you're done.

Desert Hike For Time

I've spent the last few working weeks in scorching Scottsdale, Arizona. One morning a few of us beat the sun to squeeze in a hike before a day of client meetings. The time crunch meant hustling up a mountain trail and back with no pauses to a) catch our breath or b) take in the scenery. I'm lucky I even snagged one photo. If you're ever in the area and are looking for a solid leg/glute day, give Pinnacle Peak a whirl.

Desert Hike

Off Season Resort Strength Day

One benefit to being in Arizona IN THE FREAKING DEAD OF SUMMER is that this is their off season. Translate that into ridiculously low rates to stay at an actual resort. So the gym here wasn't the worst — at least they had a decent set of dumb bells to create a mini strength session:

5 x 10 (each arm) dumb bell rows

10 weighted squats in between db sets

3 x 10 dumb bell push press

Weighted lunges until you have had enough of that crap

Hotel Gym Strength Session

Decent distractions, but no replacement for the home gym. How do you stay fit when you're away from home base? Share your ideas in the comments.

The Soundtrack to Sweat

The Soundtrack to Sweat

Awesome Alert: Needs You!

Awesome Alert: Needs You!