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Better Is Better (Particularly When It Comes to Burpees)

Today's post-Thanksgiving WOD was a repeat of last year's calorie-burner. I love the opportunity to test how much progress I've made in literally 365 days. Deep down (and by that I mean at the surface) I have this unsubstantiated yet very real belief that today I will CRUSH my benchmark. I might not have any evidence that points to a PR, but I FEEL it. I mean, I've put in another calendar year of Crossfit so it's totally time for the gains gods to show themselves. Here's what we got:

15 to 1 Reverse Burpee Ladder (15-14-13-12…1)

200m Row (Between each set of burpees)

32 min Time-Cap

Last year I finished in 31:50. Which was cutting it awful close. I must've been dying those last 200m. But who knows, since I've totally blacked the experience out.  120 fucking burpees and 3000 meters on the erg will do that to you. This year I'm feeling 30 minutes or bust.

So we start and things are good although I notice everybody is already smoking me on the burpees. Knowing the row is supposed to be my handicap, this is... troubling.

Sweat...gasp...burpee burpee row...after the 20 minute mark people are finishing left and right and I've still got at least 6 rounds. Still I'm all no worries friends, "I got this." That is until I hear "90 seconds left" and I still have the last burpee and 200m to go. Shit. I crank it out and catch the clock: 31:35. Just 15 seconds better than last year, which is kind of meh. But I'm cool with meh. If it takes a year in the gym to equal 15 seconds, that's 15 seconds ahead of where I was. Better is better.

Lastly, I'm recording this episode so I NEVER FORGET and totally crush the Thanksgiving WOD in 2016. I'm feeling it.

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